Have you dreamed of visiting paradise? Learning to dive will open your world to new experiences.  Breathing underwater, exploring 71% of the earth filled with marine life big and small.   

In the sea, you’ll discover a new way of life that allows divers of all ages to play and keep the wonder we all knew as children.  Life is short and for divers the ocean and it's beaches are our playgrounds.  

Contact me today and I will give you the skills and guidance you need to join us under the sea!

Brooke jolley - 

My love for the Ocean began at the age of 10. I became certified at the age of 22 and the experience changed my life. I began to climb the PADI professional ladder and several years later I am an instructor and have been blessed to be able to make my passion my life.

My Mission is to create the next generation of divers that will impact the diving industry, ocean and marine conservation acts for the better.

learn to dive with me!